About NutriKate

Welcome to NutriKate, a high performance nutrition consultancy based in Dublin. NutriKate’s team are made up of passionate nutritionists and dietitians here to bridge the gap between you and your nutrition based goals.

Our mission is to provide you, the client, with bespoke nutrition advice that fits in with your lifestyle, making it easier than ever for you to reach your personal body composition, performance or health goals.

We believe that the correct nutrition practices should be easy, attainable and backed by the latest research and that’s exactly what we have created with the services we provide here at NutriKate.

Our social media platforms, as well as the NutriKate BLOG, will provide continuous free information so that no one misses out on correct nutrition advice. 

– Services –

Our nutrition services are now available online so please get in touch to find out how the NutriKate team can help you!

Personal Nutritional Support

We take the unnecessary complication out of nutrition, health and wellbeing.

Athlete Nutritional Support

Whether you’re an athlete, coach or player that wants their team to get support, we have you covered.


Often when we think of performance we think of athletes. However, each day we ask our colleagues/ employees to perform. The NutriKate team can show you how your team can be supported to enhance performance on a daily basis.


Providing individuals with sound, evidence-based and practical nutrition advice. We can help you relate nutrition, the science behind it and it’s importance to your community. From nutritional breakdown to powerful nutritional messaging, we can support you and your brand.

– Associates –