Kate McDaid, Founder of NutriKate, Health and Performance Nutritionist

Kate studied Food Science at the University of College Dublin before following her ambition and moving to the UK to complete an MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition at Loughborough University. She landed a position in a nutrition consultancy over there quickly progressing to Senior Health and Performance Nutritionist where she started to build an extensive portfolio working with professional sports teams, elite sporting scholars, corporate clients, charity organisations, weight-loss and health seeking individuals. She took this experience back to Ireland with her in 2017 and founded NutriKate, a high performance nutrition consultancy.

Kate’s love for nutrition stemmed from her competitive sporting background. She has captained the Irish basketball team and more recently played football for Dublin GAA. Nutrition has served as a massive factor in her own personal journey, something she is eager that others get the benefit of too.

Kate is the performance nutritionist with Kildare GAA senior football and hurling teams, the Paddy Harringtown Golf scholarship programme and also works alongside Trinity College Dublin and their sports scholarship students.

Kate also enjoys working with health seeking individuals who want to lead healthier lives or who may have specific weight loss or muscle gain goals.   Similar to the mantra she has cultivated at NutriKate, changes implemented with Kate’s guidance are lifelong tools to help individuals adapt to the changes that life can bring without compromising their goals. Kate provides a better understanding of nutrition, how those principles can be applied and better yet, will show you how rewarding it is when you get the right mix between your dietary framework and the lifestyle you want to lead.

Kate was previously lectured on a Applied Nutrition programme in TUD, she featured on the ’30 under 30′ in the Sports for Business ‘Rising Stars’ in 2020 and she is also a fluent Irish speaker. She has featured on shows like the ‘Underdogs’ and BBC’s ‘An Focal Scoir’ as well as being a contributor to RTE’s Radio na Gaeltachta and Radio na Life. Kate completed Monash University’s  ‘The Low FODMAP Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ course in 2022 also and is an accredited ISAK Level 1 anthropometrist.

So what is NutriKate all about? 

NutriKate, a high performance nutrition consultancy based in, but not limited to Dublin, was created to deliver bespoke, evidence-based nutrition support for those who need it. All nutrition advice provided works to fit in with your lifestyle meaning that no two plans are the same. You don’t need to turn your kitchen into a health food store to become healthy. You don’t need to knock back 100’s of supplements to be an athlete. Nutrition, like all things in life, should be played to our strengths! Let us uncover yours so your goals are achieved and above all maintained! So whether you are hoping to fit into ‘those’ jeans, improve your performance as an athlete (or the performance of your team) or simply better your health or that of your employees, NutriKate has got you covered!

And the NutriKate philosophy is… 

We believe that the correct nutrition practices should be easy, attainable and affordable. Combining cutting-edge research alongside experience means that bespoke nutrition frameworks are created so that our clients succeed. With the overwhelming growth of the health and fitness industry in recent years, we have been bombarded by sensational views that may sound exciting however hold little to no truth and can be very disempowering. We strive to cut through the nonsense and deliver advice and content that holds both truth and practicality.

But wait, what is this evidence-based thing you speak of?

It means that nutrition recommendations or information that we provide are based on the most up-to-date scientific and peer-reviewed research. This is coupled with our growing experience as practitioners along with your needs as a client. Taking all three of these areas into account breeds a winning formula!

It means that we work towards your goals using techniques that we know work, that have been tried and tested and that aren’t disempowering. We have a concept of the life you live, your preferences, your dislikes and from that, we can judge the approach that will best compliment your lifestyle. It means that flexibility is allowed within your diet. See, being evidence-based has a lot of positives and the above are only touching the surface!

Respecting the importance of scientific research means that our knowledge is forever growing and evolving, therefore, we do not live and die by one type of diet.

We are all different and for that reason, our nutrition framework should reflect that too.