Over the years I have worked with individuals, teams and corporate clients both in the UK and Ireland in the areas of health, sport and fitness. Below are some testimonials I’ve gathered to showcase the work committed and the results gained. See what some of my clients had to say about their experience.


Maggie Gilbert, Amateur basketball player due to travel to Lake State College on an athletic scholarship

Goals: Weight loss and improve performance

“Kate was extremely professional throughout; checked in with me regularly to keep me on track and was always on the other end of the phone if I had any questions. She has definitely met my expectations.”

Rhiannon Watkins, amateur basketball player

Goals: Weight loss and improve performance. Rhiannon lost 1.5 stone over the period that we worked together!

“I found the service really good and well-structured especially with me being able to meet regularly face to face with Kate and also having her only one text away….I also achieved my goals of wanting to become more athletic and gain more self-confidence which means the service definitely worked for me.

I would definitely recommend NutriKate to friends and family…I also feel a lot of time and effort was put into me which shows there was a genuine care for your goals and well-being which meant it was that bit easier to achieve your goals.”

Harriet Swindells, amateur GB basketball player preparing to take a scholarship at Barry University

Goals: Improve energy and increase muscle mass.

“It met all my expectations, all my questions were answered and I met my goals…notes I was given were very easy to understand and easy to handle myself with NutriKate’s guidance if needed.”


Riders’ ASSE Head Coach Krumesh Patel, in-house talks and team support

Goals: Improve performance and academic work of athletes and to work with players who needed individual support.

“Off the back of the presentation we saw good results in certain athletes and not only did it help with basketball, it also helped with school, seeing more concentration. There was an increase also in self-esteem which leads them to be better team mates to one another.

Kate was great and the students received her information clearly. She made it fun for them so there was better buy in! We had students wanting to speak to her and gain further knowledge, which gives credit to what Kate is doing her and her knowledge. Key thing is, Kate makes it very easy to understand and also makes herself very approachable so people are more inclined to ask questions and gain further insight!

It is always hard at the age of 16-19 to eat correctly, but Kate managed to work closely with a couple of girls and the effects where great – for one girl is resulted in less injuries, allowing her to play more, which resulted in a scholarship to play basketball in the US.

The couple percent gained due to knowledge of better nutrition helped the team, and no doubt aided us in our goal to have a good season. Over the two seasons Kate has worked with our program we have always been competitive, we have won National leagues and also National Titles, so she definitely deserves some credit for our success.”


Damien Sheridan, Games Development Administrator, Longford GAA, cooking workshop

Goals: Give the players an opportunity to prepare & cook a variety of dishes where they would receive help & advice as they went along.

 “Our aim was defiantly achieved and the lads really enjoyed the process which was a plus. The service was excellent, all the resources were of a high standard, the brief was well understood and delivered upon. Kate adapted to the level of the groups abilities as she went along….Kate had a really good way with the lads which made them feel comfortable to try things and was always on hand to assist throughout the day.”