NutriKate Terms and Conditions


All products and services on are displayed in Euros. All prices are inclusive of VAT however does not include delivery or packaging costs. Nonetheless, this will be added to your cart ahead of your transaction.

It must be noted that the content and products that are listed on do not constitute a binding offer to enter into a sales contract, the content of is merely an invitation for any visitor to place a binding offer via the purchase of said products/services. To be explicit, a purchase or binding contract is completed by clicking any button that indicates a direct purchase, for example, “Buy Now”. All purchases are confirmed to the buyer directly via the purchase menu where an order overview will appear and via email with the same order description including details of payments made for services/products ordered, or by the arrival/delivery of said products/services to the customer as designated. We reserve the right to dismiss an individual’s desire to purchase a product. That person’s statutory rights will not be affected and any monetary transaction that may have taken place in pursuit of goods and services by the individual will be refunded at the earliest convenience.

NutriKate will not except liability where it is unlawfully sought for any losses or damages received from taking information from NutriKate or or from using products on this website. This includes illness, injury or death due to negligence by NutriKate employees, agents or subcontractors and for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation. NutriKate provides information regarding her own choice of work-outs which are not recommended to replace your own form of exercise unless under the supervision of a qualified individual. Nutrition advice, although provided based on academic and personal experience, is not recommended to replace any other conflicting advice received by a consumer previously unless the consumer is happy to take full responsibility for making that decisions themselves.

Material on is intellectual property of NutriKate and may not be copied, downloaded or used without consent unless it is explicitly labelled as a downloadable resource.

Privacy Statement: Any information obtained by that contains personal information about any potential or current clients is solely for internal use and will be held in a secure environment without any exposure to any other parties other than those under the NutriKate brand. However, in the case where systems fail, NutriKate does not take any responsibility for files being exposed when it is out of the company’s control.

The Right of Withdrawal: You have the right to withdraw from any service offered on prior to your first consultation without the need to provide a reason. You must however provide 24 hour notice to receive a full refund, provided that payment had been previously made. In the instance where 24 hour notice is not given or one does simply not show up, NutriKate is under no obligation to provide a refund of any kind. To meet the deadline for right of withdrawal you must inform us directly and as soon as possible by email.

All products provided from the ‘Lose Weight with NutriKate’ weight loss section cannot be refunded once the product has been sent to the consumer. A refund may be offered if required following purchase but prior to exchange of the product.

Payment: All orders must be paid via the designated payment options supported by at the time of purchase or using payment links provided via email ahead of initial consultations. No goods will be exchanged until payment has been received which in some cases where payment may be delayed may breach the waiting time eluded to in the service information on the NutriKate site.

Severability: In the event that any provision contained within this agreement (which includes this clause) is entirely or partially valid, or the contract contains a gap, the validity of the provisions that remain or parts of the provisions remain unaffected.

All prices are inclusive of VAT where it applies however does not include delivery or packaging costs.