Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is there a difference between a dietician and a nutritionist? How do I know if NutrKate will fit my needs?

Good question!

Dieticians are usually based in the public-health sector and work to help the ill embark on a healthier and more appropriate diet to aid their recovery. Nutritionists, who also work to improve the life of their clients work in more community based or sporting environments.  Unlike ‘dietician’, ‘nutritionist’ is not a protected title. Therefore, anyone can technically declare themselves as one so as a consumer it is important that you know exactly who you are dealing with.

So, let me fill you in on NutriKate ?

I spent 4 years studying Food Science at University College Dublin before moving to England to complete an MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Loughborough University. I began working in the UK’s leading nutrition consultancy, Mac-Nutrition, directly from University, so very quickly I got first-hand experience working with elite sports teams and athletes, weight loss clients and health-seeking individuals. Being exposed to a vast spectrum of clients and working under two incredible mentors with over 15 years’ combined experience, Martin MacDonald and Sarah Duffield, I quickly uncovered the skills to be an effective practitioner. Academics are extremely important but in nutrition, if you cannot incorporate that information into someone’s lifestyle in a tangible and easy to understand manner, you’re not going to get very far.

I am extremely passionate about my job and have a lot of respect for research pushing me to continue to keep up to date with it so that all my clients get the best service possible. Together, WE succeed. First things first however. Before any service begins, I get potential clients to fill a pre-consultation form, this allows me to determine whether we can work together. I say that because, unlike many other practitioners, I will not work outside my scope of practice. So, if you want a nutritionist who cares, who will go above and beyond to ensure your goals are met and who will provide a nutritional framework that is completely bespoke to you and realistic, I think you’ll find that NutriKate will do nothing but meet your needs.

  • How soon can we meet once I complete my pre-consultation form?

Consultations are arranged for 5-10 working days after I receive your pre-consultation form. However, if I can get you in sooner than that, you know I will.

  • How should I prepare for my initial consultation?

Nothing at all! The pre-consultation form is there so that I can organise myself to ensure we get the most out of our 60-minute consultation. So, you just bringing yourself along is more than enough. With that said, if I notice something in your pre-consultation form that might be useful for me to have more information on, I may ask you to take it along with you. You will be notified well in advance though so no need to worry.

Do not stress! It will literally be a friendly conversation where you give me an insight into your lifestyle. No judgement will be made, I am here to help so the more honest we are with one another the more successful we will be. #Relationshipgoals

  • Is it necessary to be referred by a GP prior to booking an appointment with NutriKate?

Nope, no need to at all. I will know a lot more about what support you need after we meet however it will only be in certain situations that I might recommend that you get your bloods taken should I suspect that you are perhaps deficient in something. Like I said previously, no need to prepare prior or to bring anything but yourself to our initial consultation!

  • Will private medical insurance cover my expenses with NutriKate?

This is dependent on the company to which you have your insurance with so please check with them first. Some companies provide some sort of nutrition service that they can offer you. However, as mentioned previously, it is important to do your research around the service/practitioner that they have on offer. The correct nutrition service for you is certainly an investment that should be made, but then, of course, that’s just my opinion…

  • How does NutriKate accept payments?

For all services, payments are made prior to the first consultation on my website. Depending on what works best for you and the service you choose, this can be done as one one-off payment or in monthly instalments.

If choosing the ‘Lose Weight with NutriKate’ weight loss plan, payment is to be made after you fill out the short questionnaire on my website. Again, this is all done online and will be an option that comes up following submission of the questionnaire.

  • If I am dissatisfied with the results of my programme how will NutriKate attend to my needs as a consumer?

Hopefully, it won’t come to this and to be honest I really think this is something we don’t need to waste any time on. Nonetheless, it’s good to know what the deal is all the same. Should you find the service unsatisfactory and if there is no way for us to move forward, I am more than happy to offer a full refund provided that the reasons behind the dissatisfaction are both legitimate and evident.

My job is to make life easier, not more difficult and I also happen to be very good at it (previous clients’ words) so like I said, no need to worry about this being in the equation!


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