What is a portion size?

In our first blog post we discussed how portion sizes differ between the three macronutrients, carbohydrates, protein & fat. It is important to note that with different fruit & vegetables & as you will see below, 1 fruit/vegetable does not always equal 1 portion. Generally, the overall size of the fruit or vegetable will determine a portion. For example 1 medium fruit (banana, orange, apple) = 1 portion, whereas 2 small fruits (plum, mandarin, kiwi) = 1 portion.

How many portions should I have each day?

For the majority of the general population, we should aim for 5-7 portions of fruit & vegetables per day. Athletes should aim for at least 6 or more as fruit & vegetables contain vitamins, minerals & antioxidants which help to aid recovery & support immune function. Try to split your intake evenly, aiming for a similar amount of both fruit & vegetables in your diet. Yes, there is sugar in fruit (& vegetables) however, the positives of all of the other nutrients present outweigh the negatives that the sugar may have.  This is often a question we’re met with so in case it was on your mind, we thought we better set the record straight

How can I increase my fruit & vegetable intake?

This is a very common question we get asked! Thankfully, there are lots of different ways you can start to add fruit & vegetables to your daily diet. Below are a few of our favourite tips:

  • If you have very little or no fruit & vegetables in your diet currently, start small. A nice way to get yourself started is by trying to add 1 portion to each meal. For example, have a banana with porridge or add spinach to an omelette. Add onions/tomatoes/salad to a wrap for lunch or look to add a bowl of homemade vegetable soup to your lunch. If you are having a curry for dinner add peppers/green beans/corn/onions. That’s 3 portions – you’re already over halfway there!
  • Add a handful of spinach/kale to a smoothie
  • Blitz your curry/bolognese sauce to remove the consistency of the vegetables

We hope this series has helped to iron out any questions you might have had around portion sizes!